Why the weekend experience?

Setting aside a special time for our children to learn what God's expectations are to become Men and Women of God.

The Purpose: We want dads that move from good intentions to men that honor their families.


Our Goal: To equip our kids with "Lessons for Life." This may be teaching them outdoor skills, priorities, honor, respect and purpose.


Why: We have assembled a team of men that want to make a difference in their own childrens' lives, as well as, create outdoor adventures for other dads where the lessons learned during the trip are not the lessons learned in a classroom environment.

The Results: Dads connect with their children in a powerful way away from distractions and life's demands, thereby, creating a unique experience that the child and dad will never forget. Our experience has found that dads begin to reconnect, define and shape their life's legacy by investing intentional time into their children's lives.

What Happens at a Weekend Experience: During the day - we have an outdoors teaching team that we break up into groups of eight dads with their kids and work through the hands-on activities. Teaching kids everything from outdoor hiking, ropes, tools, guns, fishing, hunting, building things (forts for boys, birdhouses for girls), bow & arrows, and even outdoor first aid / survival skills. At night - we teach the kids how to cook, clean, make fires, life lessons, and how to enjoy eating under the stars in God's country.

Cost / Age Groups: The cost of the camping events are $99 (dad & child). The cost of the MM-Ranch events are $149. Dad's may bring an additional child for $45. There are two age groups: 5 - 8yrs & 9 - 14yrs.